Residential Roofing Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement Service in Dallas Texas

Whether due to sudden storm damage or years of wear and tear, when you want a roof replacement, Roofing Professionals of Texas will be at your home fast and will fix it right the first time. We’re the experts to call for any and all roofing replacements or repairs:

Cracked Roofs - Whether your crack is from damage or old age, it can lead to water damage that could endanger the trustworthiness of your rooftop and cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. Don’t let your leak get any worse. Let us help!

Leaky pipe collars, flashing and chimneys - Just like leaks in other areas of your roof, leaks around your pipe collars, flashing, or chimney can lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems. If you think you have an issue, talk to us today.

Loose and damaged shingles - Don’t let loose or damaged shingles compromise the look and the strength of your roof. Most shingles are fairly easy to replace, and our experts can get the job done in no time.

Fascia wind damage - Whether it’s a windy day or a strong storm, powerful winds can cause your fascia to detach from your home and go completely missing. We can assess the damage and replace it fast for a seamless look.

Rotting wood - When wood rots, it becomes a danger to anything that relies upon it. That means if you have rotting wood in your roof, it could end up sagging or caving in. Let us replace your rotting wood with fresh, strong wood. 

Damaged venting - Proper roofing ventilation helps keep your home at an optimal temperature all year round, and if it’s damaged, it could mean a home that’s too hot or too cold. We can take a look at the damage and get it fixed fast.

Collapsed roofs - A collapsed roof can mean big problems for the rest of your home. If you’re in trouble, don’t wait – call our roofing repair experts today. We’ll get it fixed quickly to get your home back to being protected.

TRUSTED ROOF REPAIR SERVICES - At Roofing Pro TX, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work for your home. 



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